History | KL Breeden
Where Tradition Matters


The K.L. Breeden & Sons team offers customized, personal service and a strong sense of urgency to get the job done right. K.L. Breeden and his sons, Wynne and David, are pioneers of the dedicated transportation model for the food and retail industry. The Breedens trace their roots in trucking back four generations to the 1930's. Over the years, the Breedens have been leaders in the trucking industry and have received numerous awards and recognition from both customers and peers. And in these times of economic hardships and tight capital, K.L. Breeden & Sons is perhaps one of strongest and financially-sound companies in the entire trucking industry.

The K.L. Breeden & Sons senior management team is comprised of highly successful professionals who have un-equaled experience in dedicated transportation operations. This team has worked together for years, offering high-quality operational solutions.


KLB Dedicated Model

The KLB dedicated model drives productivity, efficiency and accountability.

KLB is an organization free of multiple layers between leadership and the field. This is what allows us to stay focused and flexible to the customer and to the operations on site; putting the power of the model at the local level where it belongs.

The KLB model offers several benefits to dedicated retail operations.

Safety – Safety is our number one priority. The KLB dedicated model is inherently safer than most fleets by its very nature and structure.
Service – KLB fleets put service and accountability at the forefront. On-site KLB Managers work closely with our customers to make sure that services adapt and change as the business needs of the customer change and evolve.
Flexible Business Strategy – The KLB model offers companies increased control and flexibility while navigating the unique demands of their business.
Low, Flat Cost Structure - The KLB model is based on an activity-based cost system. This enables us to streamline costs and identify ways to add value to the customer. This model also creates incentive for performance and allows direct ownership of success.
Utilization and Volume Fluctuation - We understand that volume surges are a normal part of retail distribution. The KLB model can handle significant volume surges without having to add additional power units.



Be Safe - Safety is our top priority. We will provide the safest equipment and operators in the industry while promoting a safe work environment where our teams can deliver on our commitments in a responsible manner.
Be On-Time - The service we offer sets us apart from the competition. We will treat every delivery with the sense of urgency it deserves.
Be a True Partner - From the top down, we function as a part of our customers' team. We will think outside the box, be on-site, be flexible, and constantly challenge operations to lower cost and drive efficiencies.
Be Trustworthy - We will build all relationships on integrity and treat every customer, employee, and partner with respect while promoting an environment where ideas can be shared openly. We will be transparent and stand by our commitments on pricing while delivering on service.